Monday, April 28, 2008


The Glen Echo Ravine cleanup was this Saturday. I was unable to attend because I was working. From what I hear though, there is still plenty of trash to pick up. I am going to start cleaning up the section of ravine behind my house today. The weather has been great so I should get started. If you are at all interested in helping send me a message via facebook.


BajaBuckeyes said...

Hey, this is Devin from your blogging class. If you guys ever need help, let me know.

Both my roomate and me have trucks. I also have access to a box truck. I can't imagine there is that much trash in the ravine that you would need a box truck, but if so, I can help. Just let me know when.

e-mail me either at, or at

BajaBuckeyes said...

Hey, I posted about you on my blog. Only a bunch of nerdy engineers looks at it, but maybe you will get some hits.