Saturday, May 03, 2008

Life is a Rich Tapestry

So I decided that I really needed to get down into the ravine and start picking up some trash. I've been talking about it a lot, now I need to follow through. So I woke up and went to Giant Eagle to get some trash bags. On my way back I passed a guy sitting on the wall near the ravine. We said hi and I walked up to my house. On my way back to the ravine with all my ropes and harness and other tools of destruction, the gentleman was still sitting there. He told me his name was Dwayne and that he had just got out of prison and that he was homeless. I told him I was there to clean this shit up. He proceeded to tell that the majority of the trash was from "bums" not homeless people. He made this distinction because bums don't clean up after themselves. He made a good point that it only draws more attention to where you are. He then asked me if he could help, I was super pumped. We made a small agreement that I would scratch his back if he scratched mine. I gave him one of my gloves and off we were!I set up a rope for him and he busted ass! I really had to work to keep up with him. He was a cool guy, we chatted while we worked. The weather started to turn sour so we started our way back up the hill. Then we took a picture of the trash and took it to a dumpster (more about that next). I gave him ten buck and told him I would be there next Sunday at Noon. What a crazy world we live in! A rich tapestry!


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